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July 14, 2022

SonarLint for VS Code v3.7

This release brings new rules and improvements for Java and Typescript developers in VS Code, as well as adding to the growing list of rules for JS and C++.

Introducing 7 new rules to help Java developers build clean cloud-native applications for AWS, and avoid common pitfalls.  A description of the new rules can be found here.

Support for Typescript 4.7 - ensuring developers can handle native ECMAScript modules in TypeScript (ESM modules).

In addition, we have embedded the runtime in SonarLint (currently a JRE 17).  This removes the need to download a separate JRE, and reference it in the SonarLint configuration, for the most widespread platforms.


  • 3 new rules for JS and TS developers
  • 2 additional rules for C++ developers 

Read more in our release notes and community announcement.

VS Code

July 11, 2022

SonarLint for VS Code v3.6

This release brings initial support for Quick Fixes for Python developers, plus a UI wizard to simplify the connection setup to SonarCloud and SonarQube.

SonarLint in VS Code now offers quick fixes that will effortlessly repair your Python issues before they are committed. You can browse all Python detections providing quick fixes here

Available when using SonarLint alone, or in connected mode to SonarCloud, simply hover over the flagged issue to view and apply the proposed quick fix.

This release also delivers improvements to the SonarLint UI, ensuring a smooth setup process when enabling connected mode to SonarQube and SonarCloud for the first time.

Read more in our release notes and community announcement.

VS Code

April 08, 2022

SonarLint for VS Code v3.4

Great news for all C and C++ developers 🗞. SonarLint now supports C and C++ analysis in VS Code! 

Install the plugin, point to your compilation database, and start your code analysis. (Currently, CMake builds are supported, more to come!) SonarLint will detect your coding issues and guide you by suggesting appropriate fixes using intuitive and accurate rule descriptions.

Plus, SonarLint in VS Code delivers a growing list of Quick Fixes that can automatically fix your C++ issues before they are committed.

Also included with this release:

  • 9 new PHP rules to help deliver efficient, error-free and safe regular expressions
  • Improved Python analysis though using serialized Typeshed symbols
  • Support for TypeScript 4.6

Read more in our release notes and community announcement.

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