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What is Clean Code

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Clean Code is code that's easy to understand and change through structure and consistency yet remains robust and secure to withstand performance demands. It lets you get the most value out of your software.

why clean code?

The core of software is its code. Code not only directs behavior, but it also determines performance. Keeping code clean will ensure that you get the most value out of your software and the right clean code tool can help you get there.

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Clean code is being added to a project

what you can achieve with clean code

focus on developer velocity and innovation

Work with forward momentum rather than on technical debt, all while retaining your top development talent.

bits of code and quality checks are shown as an abstract of a developers environment.

minimize rework and maintenance

Clear and consistent Clean Code standards can be seamlessly integrated into your development workflow for easy adoption by all.

reduce risks and support a more secure codebase

Proactively address hotspots and vulnerabilities before they become a problem. This leads to fewer security breaches and less downtime.

clean code makes your software a long-term asset

how to reach a clean code state

Clean as You Code™ with Sonar™ is essential for achieving a Clean Code state. This simple, yet powerful approach optimizes the quality of your codebase by solely focusing on code that's added or changed. This progressively improves the overall quality of the entire codebase with minimal cost and effort. No major implementation or project delays - get started today! 

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"Sonar has greatly helped us benchmark and standardize the quality of our codebase - and the LTS makes it much easier for us to deliver Clean Code. The integration with Azure DevOps from a project-to-project perspective as well as the token lifecycle management will be greatly appreciated by our admins and will help streamline our process."

Stefan Euripidou, Enterprise Architect @ Vodafone Group

attributes of clean code


Clean Code is of the highest quality. With incremental analysis and contextualized guidance, you know exactly what is wrong and how to fix it.

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Clean Code is secure through early detection and feedback of security vulnerabilities and hotspots during code review.

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Clean Code makes maintenance easy. A codebase that is maintainable enables an optimized development workflow for more scalable software.

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Clean Code creates and sustains reliability. When your software is reliable, anywhere and anytime, it creates trust among your teams and customers.

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try a better way to code

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