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power of clean code

all code is your software asset

Code is at the core of your software and dictates its behavior and performance. Clean Code ensures that your software continues to be an asset—not a liability—and is the key driver for today's business success.

your business runs on clean code

minimize vulnerability risks, safeguard your reputation

Security vulnerabilities in your code can significantly compromise the confidentiality of your data and damage your business reputation. Sonar™ secures your entire development flow by providing the right checks at the right place and time.

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reduce operability risk, avoid business disruption

Buggy code can lead to unexpected behavior and cause serious reliability issues in your application. By addressing issues earlier in the development cycle, your production software stays robust and continuously operable.

extend your application lifetime

Introducing code changes is smoother when your codebase is clean. Sonar enforces a Clean Code environment and avoids costly application overhaul by allowing you to easily adjust your app to meet business needs over time.

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By shifting the code analysis to the development stage, Cisco IT has enhanced its code quality substantially—translating to considerable cost savings for the organization.

Dhairya Sanghvi, IT Engineer @ Cisco Systems

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try a better way to code

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