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clean code creates reliability

Promote trust and predictability in your development workflow by operating failure-free.

why is reliability important?

Measuring and predicting software reliability helps ensure that you deliver a quality and continuously operable product. It helps identify and fix bugs to improve overall performance. Comprehensive reliability testing and test coverage help you confirm that your software will function as expected. 

Portfolio Metrics from a Healthy Code Repository

Clean Code creates and sustains reliability

When your software is reliable, anywhere and anytime, it creates trust among your teams and with your customers.

release with consistency

With clearly set coding standards embedded and enforced in your development workflow, you can instantly address issues and know that every release can be better than the last.

reduce rework and maintenance costs

When your code is right the first time, you can keep moving forward with reduced time and money spent on maintenance.

improve process stability

When new code is held to a clean standard, issues are reduced and reliability improves, which creates more stability and predictability throughout the development process.  

protect your brand

You’ll know your commits are clean, your projects are releasable, and how well your organization is meeting its commitments. This allows for better forecasting and crucial business decision execution.

failure-free functionality with clean code

fast feedback with pull request analysis and decoration

Get super-fast feedback to quickly assess where the code stands in pull requests and branches. Find and fix bugs while the code is still fresh in mind. Pull Request analysis and quality gate status in your pipeline present feedback early in the development workflow to deliver clean code. Make every new production delivery better than the last one.

Image shows results of a pull request

extend the life of your software

As developers add new code with consistent quality standards enforced by the quality gate, the overall quality of the codebase incrementally improves, supporting your software’s performance.

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New code passing the quality gate and lands inside of a project built on clean code

every language should be reliable. Sonar covers 30 programming languages & infrastructure technologies.

Background image of bits of code connecting to each other

ready to write reliable, clean code?

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