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deliver Clean Code in your VS Code IDE

Identify and fix quality and security issues as you code.

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Clean as you code

write clean code. always.

Whether you are building secure mobile apps with Java or writing machine learning code with Python, SonarLint covers your programming language and IDE to help you catch complex quality and security issues early.

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accelerate your code delivery

Inclusion of SonarLint won’t slow down your delivery. Early discovery and remediation of issues result in efficient downstream workflows. And peer code reviews can be focused more around the business logic and less around the quality and security of code.

your programming language.

Connected Mode

go further with Connected Mode

It's easy with SonarLint Connected Mode paired with SonarCloud or SonarQube.

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so much more than a linter

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low noise

Fast and high-precision analysis ensures lower noise and fewer false positives and false negatives so you can always deliver consistent, reliable results.

native IDE checks ++

The IDE is already your intelligent coding assistant. Go further with SonarLint static code analysis for fast, automated feedback on Bugs, Code Smells, and Security Vulnerabilities. Our powerful language-specific analyzers contain hundreds of rules, helping you find and fix issues quickly.

zero configuration required

Seamlessly integrates in your VS Code IDE with no complicated setup or configuration required. Install the plugin and continue to code while SonarLint assists you in the background.

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ready to Clean your Code in VS Code?

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