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Running SonarQube is easy, whatever your infrastructure.


SonarQube on Docker Hub or Kubernetes

Official Docker Hub images

New versions are delivered from our downloads page and via official Docker Hub images. That means keeping your installation up to date is simple and easy!

See it on Docker Hub -->

Running on Kubernetes?

If your infrastructure uses Kubernetes, you may be interested in the Helm Chart

Check out the Helm Chart -->

Use the Docker pulls below to grab an image of your preferred SonarQube edition

Community Edition
docker pull sonarqube:9.9.0-community
Developer Edition
docker pull sonarqube:9.9.0-developer
Enterprise Edition
docker pull sonarqube:9.9.0-enterprise
Data Center Edition
docker pull sonarqube:9.9.0-datacenter-search
docker pull sonarqube:9.9.0-datacenter-app

Prefer an OS Service

Wheather you want to run SonarQube as an opening system service or with Docker, we’ve got supported versions.

Download a Zip >

DoD Standards

STIG-Hardened, Iron Bank Approved

Our Iron Bank images are hardened to U.S Department of Defense standards. You can benefit from the same level of STIG-hardened security too. Just register with Iron Bank to get started.

Iron Bank >

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try SonarQube Developer Edition free for 14 days!

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