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Learn more about how your data is collected, processed and stored.

Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our services and products. This privacy policy explains what data we collect and process during your visit to our website and our use of it thereafter.

Collection and Processing of Website Navigation Data

When you visit and navigate our website, we will collect and process some information with Google Analytics such as your IP address, web pages, time of visit, and browser information. We do this to better understand the interest we generate with our products and our company and to improve the user journey on our website.

We collect, process and keep this information for the purposes of our legitimate interests.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

When you complete and submit a form to us via our website, we will collect and process data such as your name, phone number or email. This information identifies you and is therefore personal data.

We collect, process and keep this data in order to fulfill the request you make, i.e., for the purposes of our legitimate interests or for the performance of a contract with you.

Security and Storage of Data

We take all the necessary technical and organisational security measures to protect all the data we collect and process via our website from loss and misuse. Data is stored in a secure operating environment that is not accessible to the public.

Data Subject Rights

Individuals who visit our website have certain legal rights that may arise (subject to the extent they are applicable and certain exceptions and limitations) when we collect and process data from the website.

This may include the rights to obtain confirmation of whether we hold certain information about them, to access such information, to obtain its correction or deletion in appropriate circumstances, the right to object to our handling of the information or to restrict our processing of the information.

We encourage you to contact us should you wish to exercise these rights or to find out more.

Individuals in the EU have the right to go directly to the relevant EU supervisory or legal authority, but we encourage them to contact us first so that we may try to resolve their concerns directly as best and as promptly as we can.


Please either email us at or write to us at SonarSource SA, PO BOX 765, CH - 1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland.

This privacy policy was last updated on April 14, 2021.

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